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Why Don’t I Carry Things?!

Why Don’t I Carry Things?!

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There’s no doubt that proper shaving accessories are important. You need quality creams, brushes, strops, oils, soaps, pre-shave, after-shave… and the list can go on. So the question always comes up – why don’t I carry these things? Here’s the deal – I don’t currently do enough business to contract with these manufacturers or distributors directly, which means that I’d have to order them in bulk from retailers where I can find them cheapest, mark them up for a profit, and sell them to you fine people. But if I can find them cheaply from retailers, so can you. It doesn’t make sense for me to be the middle man when you can eliminate me entirely and save yourself some money in the process. However, if you really want me to order some products for you and mark up their prices, I’d be more than happy to.

Here’s the good news – advice is free! That’s right, you can pick my brain for recommendations about anything having to do with straight razors and shaving at no cost. Are you looking for a specific brand or style of razor or strop? Want to know how various creams, gels, pre, and post-shave stack up? Looking for tips or pointers about shaving in general? Look no further – I’m happy to help and it’s the best price out there – free.

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