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Custom Scales Service

Recently score a sweet razor off of Ebay or from an antique store or flea market? Maybe you have an [...]

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Design Your Own Vintage Razor

Are you looking for an antique razor that you just haven’t been able to find? With this service you can [...]

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Dubl Duck Pearlduck – 11/16, Flat Point, Hollow Grind, Original Scales

Dubl Duck is a name synonymous with quality in the straight razor world.Started by Charles Bresnick in the 1920’s, he [...]

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Durham Duplex Razor/Trimmer – Original Scales

This razor was made by the Durham Duplex Co which was founded in 1910 in New York and has been [...]

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Geneva Cutler Co (Genco) – 5/8, Flat Point, Hollow Grind, Vintage Scales

Geneva Cutlery Co was founded in 1900 in Geneva, New York and remained there until 1935. It then moved to [...]

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Geo Wostenholm “Celebrated IXL” – 13/16, Flat Point, Hollow Grind, Original Scales

This razor is amazing. It was made by George Wostenholm who founded his Washington Werks factory in Sheffield, England in [...]

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George Wostenholm and Sons “I-XL” – 11/16, Round Point, Hollow Ground, Original Scales

George Wostenholm is one of the most storied straight razor manufacturers in England. This company was founded in 1809, lasted [...]

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Gillette 1960’s Safety Razor

This classic safety razor was made by Gillette in the 1960’s. It’s the first of what I hope are many [...]

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