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Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett, Co. “Our Very Best” – 5/8, Flat Point, Hollow Grind, Original Scales


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As a native Chicagoan, this razor has an awesome history. Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett, Co. was founded as Tuttle, Hibbard, and Co. in Chicago in 1855 as a hardware store. In 1865 Spencer became a partner and was added to the name, and in 1882 Bartlett went through the same appointment. Eventually, the company opened a warehouse next to the State Street bridge downtown and had annual sales of over $30 million. The company introduced its True Value line in 1932 and later adopted the name. Hibbard later died in 1903, which places this razor sometime between 1882 and 1903. It’s a 6/8, flat point, full hollow blade with original scales with metal tips.



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