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Are you looking for an antique razor that you just haven’t been able to find? With this service you can choose the blade grind you want, the type of scale material you’d like, your wedge, and pinning materials. You can’t get much more custom than that. Maybe you don’t need all of those options. You can also get a sweet pair of custom scales for the blade you currently have or a blade for a pair of scales you managed to score at a flea market or antique store.

If you want a completely custom antique razor here’s what you do – specify all of your choices in the options below, then in the information box be sure to include any blade makes you’d prefer, the shape of the point you’d like, the color or specific type of material you’ve chosen (for micarta or wood), the general shape you’d like your scales to have, and any other information you think I should know.

If you want custom scales or a custom blade, but not the whole razor here’s what you do – still specify all of your choices in the options below, then in the information box specify that you only need a blade or scales and all of the necessary information about them you want me to have.

After you’ve sent me your razor design I’ll reply to the email address you provided with an approximate price quote, respond to any questions you have, and ask any questions I need to clarify things. If you’re asking for a specific razor make or a unique scale design we’ll exchange pictures until we’ve come up with exactly what you’re looking for. After we’ve nailed everything down I’ll send you a bill and get started on you’re one-of-a-kind razor.


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