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Shave Review: Shaving Yeti’s Yeti Snot

Shave Review: Shaving Yeti’s Yeti Snot

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In my quest for all mentholated shaving soaps, I’ve come across several that weren’t strong enough and only a few that are. Yeti Snot is one of the most mentholated soaps I’ve ever tried and it’s great. This is going to be one of my go-to shaving soaps from now on. Much like HTGAM’s Frost Byte, this soap has several other ingredients that help achieve its strength, but the menthol is what really stands out. This soap makes my eyes water and clears my sinuses, but this one also needs a warning as it can easily be too strong for some people.

Razor: Wostelnholm I XL 5/8 full hollow

Brush: Excelsior Boar Hair

Soap: Shaving Yeti’s Yeti Snot

After Shave: None!

The shave with Yeti Snot – The soap itself seemed to lather well, though the tin it comes in is pretty small so it can be a bit tricky to work it up. After I got a good lather going I only had to refresh the brush once or twice during my entire shave. Really, the only downside to this soap is that it dried out very quickly on my face. So quickly in fact, that I had to shave my face in sections in order to prevent other areas from drying out and having to reapply. That means it took longer to shave, but the shaving itself was incredible. This soap is so slick that my straight felt like it was gliding over my face. Even my normal trouble spots, around the chin and my upper lip, were easier to shave than with other soaps. In turn, this left me with very little irritation.

The aftershave – None! My face felt good enough after shaving that I didn’t want to use any.

Frost Byte Scoring

Price: 8 ($17 for 8oz)

Quality: 8.5 (One of the best I’ve tried)

Scent: 8 (Menthol is great for me, too strong for some)

Lather: 8 (Good, but could come more easily)

Efficacy: 7 (Lather dried out too quickly)

Glide: 9 (Superb)

Moisturizing: 7.5 (Leaves skin slightly moist)

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