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Shave Review: Rustic Shaving Sandalwood and Soap Commander Endurance Aftershave

Shave Review: Rustic Shaving Sandalwood and Soap Commander Endurance Aftershave

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A group of fellow wet shaving addicts, calling ourselves Shave Mentors, just had our very first local get together which we aptly called our Chicagoland Wet Shaveaganza 2014. It. Was. Great. We had a representative from Captain’s Choice products, Brandon from The Restored Razors, and a bunch of free goodies from Catie’s Bubbles, Ginger’s Garden, How to Grow a Mustache, Soap Commander, Rustic Shaving, and Elvado. We spent our time teaching others about DE’s, straight razors, various shaving soaps and creams, strops, honing, brushes, and even gave shaving demos. If all of this great news suddenly has you feeling depressed because you missed out, fear not, we’re planning on having another sometime in the Spring. Mark your calendars. At the end of our gathering I managed to swipe a few leftover goodies. For my morning shave today I figured why not use some of my new products?

Razor – Pearl King First Class

Brush – Excelsior Boar Hair

Soap – Rustic Shaving Sandalwood

Aftershave – Soap Commander Endurance


The shave with Rustic Shaving – I had never used this soap before and let me say that I will definitely be using it again. While its scent in the tin could be stronger, once I began lathering it on my face the sandalwood scent really came alive. It was pleasant and not at all overpowering. It lathered quickly and easily and really worked into the brush bristles. While shaving, the lather was slick and really allowed the razor to glide over my skin. My only qualm with this soap is how quickly it dried out on my face. I start with my neck, then cheeks, and by the time I got to my chin and upper lip it had dried out and I needed to reapply more. Other than that, it was a good experience.


The aftershave with Soap Commander – I’m going to start this by saying that I normally avoid using aftershave lotions. I have pretty sensitive skin and with prolonged use the lotions make my skin break out. The main reason I gave this one a shot was because, you guessed it, it has menthol in it and I love menthol to an almost unhealthy degree. That being said, the menthol in this lotion was quite strong and I did enjoy that aspect of the lotion. However, my avoidance of lotions was otherwise reinforced here. It felt thick when I was spreading it on my face, though I didn’t have to use very much, and after the menthol sensation faded my skin was left feeling slightly irritated for some time. Personally, I don’t plan on using this again, but if you like lotions and menthol you may want to give this one a shot.

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