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Shave Review: Proraso Green and Lucky Tiger Aftershave

Shave Review: Proraso Green and Lucky Tiger Aftershave

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Shave Review – Proraso Green Soap and Lucky Tiger After Shave

I need to begin with a disclaimer: I love menthol. You know how you love your mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, or pie? I love menthol like that; it’s a very one-sided relationship. That being said, my shave this morning was with one of the most widely available and classic soaps out there – Proraso Green. Why am I reviewing a product that millions of other people have used? Because beginning wet shavers need as much information as possible and we need content, but mostly for the new shavers. I’m also going to review the after shave I used – Lucky Tiger, which is also a well-known brand. Beginners, consider this your introduction to wet shaving products. Experts, consider this a learning opportunity on products you may have overlooked or forgotten about.

Razor: Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett, and Co. 6/8 “Our Very Best” 1675

Brush: Excelsior Boar Hair

Soap: Proraso Green

After Shave: Lucky Tiger

The shave with Proraso Green – This soap consistently gives me a solid lather every time I use it. Is it just like the lather porn you know and love? Probably not, but it’s pretty close. It works well into the brush bristles, is easy to build up on your face or in a bowl, and doesn’t dry out quickly. The menthol doesn’t hit you at first, but by the time you’ve built your lather and begin shaving you’ll notice the distinctive tingling starting on your face. It’s not as strong as other menthol soaps and provides a nice amount of relief on your skin while you shave. While I was using a straight razor for this shave, I have used it with a DE. With the DE, the lather can sometimes build up on the blade edge, especially if you’re shaving off several days of growth. It rinses off relatively well, but can take a little bit of rubbing with water to get rid of all the residue.

The after shave with Lucky Tiger – I’ve used several different after shaves, and I have to say that Lucky Tiger is one of my favorites. It’s pretty cheap and works well. Once you apply it, it soothes your skin irritation quickly and while it does leave a bit of a residue that goes away once it dries. One thing I’d improve on it is the length of time the smell remains on your skin. This after shave smells like aloe and citrus, but it fades after about two hours. Since I have sensitive skin, I don’t use cologne when I shave because the alcohol can cause irritation. I wish the Lucky Tiger smell lasted closer to an entire work day or at least five or six hours.

Proraso Scoring

Price: 8 ($10 for 5.2oz)

Quality: 6.5 (A good budget choice, but has too many non-natural ingredients)

Scent: 6 (Menthol could be stronger, but is more of a personal preference)

Lather: 7 (Good, but can clog some safety razors)

Efficacy: 7 (Can take a bit to load lather, usually around 30 seconds)

Glide: 7 (Works well, but you occasionally need to reapply)

Moisturizing: 6 (Leaves skin neutral without drying or moisturizing)

Lucky Tiger Scoring

Price: 8 ($13 for 8oz)

Quality: 7 (Mostly natural ingredients)

Scent: 6 (Nice, but could last longer and be a little stronger)

Efficacy: 7 (Leaves some residue, but once dry it’s gone)

Moisturizing: 7 (Works well for the price, leaves skin feeling refreshed)

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