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Shave Review: HTGAM Frost Byte

Shave Review: HTGAM Frost Byte

shaving 🕔October 26, 2014 4 comments

Shave Review – How to Grow a Mustache’s Frost Byte Soap


By now many people are aware of my love of all wet shaving menthol and menthol-like products. I’ve been searching for a quality menthol shaving soap that’s strong enough for my liking and I finally found one. This soap is very strong. So much so that it made my eyes water when the lather got too close and cleared my sinuses when I breathed it in. I loved it. Full disclaimer, this soap not only has a lot of menthol, but also eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and peppermint which seem to add to its potency. For those of you lesser menthol-loving beings, consider that a warning. This soap can easily be too strong for some people.

Razor: Wostelnholm I XL 5/8 full hollow

Brush: Excelsior Boar Hair

Soap: HTGAM Frost Byte

After Shave: Lucky Tiger

The shave with Frost Byte – This soap was a little difficult to lather up at first. On the back, they say that their soaps work best when the temperature is between 90 and 110 degrees so in order to get as close to that as possible, I first put a splash of hot water on the soap, then took a hot shower before I shaved. The soap still required significant pressure from my brush, but luckily their tins are so wide that even the most rigorous lathering has plenty of space to work with. Once I got a lather up it was potent. In addition to the scent attributes, the lather was about as slick as average and stuck around for long enough for a good shave without having to re-apply constantly like some other soaps. After my shave I almost didn’t want to use any aftershave as it would cover up the pleasant feeling and smell from the soap. I’m going to have find a mentholated aftershave soon…

The after shave with Lucky Tiger – I’ve reviewed this aftershave before and it’s a solid choice. Not too strong, relieves a lot of irritation, and the scent sticks around for some time, but not long enough for me.

Frost Byte Scoring

Price: 8 ($17 for 8oz)

Quality: 7.5 (A solid choice)

Scent: 8 (It’s great for me, too strong for some)

Lather: 7.5 (Good, but could come more easily, stuck around well)

Efficacy: 8 (Can take a bit to load lather, but it sticks around)

Glide: 7.5 (Works well, occasionally reapply)

Moisturizing: 7.5 (Leaves skin slightly moist)

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What people say
  1. Douglas

    Thanks! A note on the scent profile though, it’s not menthol but peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus. Lather tip: when in doubt add more water!

    Reply Douglas 27 October 2014, 22:34
    • Matthew Patton

      Thanks for the info Douglas! Article edited for clarity.

      Reply Matthew Patton Author 27 October 2014, 23:15
      • Douglas

        Sorry for the confusion Matt, but it does contain menthol too…a lot! 🙂

        Reply Douglas 28 October 2014, 03:15
        • Matthew Patton

          That’s what I thought! But I do admit, I was a little confused. That’d have to be some potent peppermint.

          Anyway, keep up the good work with the soaps! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like reviwed.

          Reply Matthew Patton Author 28 October 2014, 17:23

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