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Razors Beyond Repair

Restoration , shaving , Straight Razors 🕔June 30, 2014 0 comments

I get a lot of my inventory from Ebay and local antique stores. Sometimes, the razors aren’t exactly how they should be for a restoration project. Often, it’s not the fault of the seller – the razors can have very small fractures or cracks or there can be internal damage. This was what happened when I tried to restore these two little razors. I had some plain vintage scales that I restored and a few simple blades to choose from to go with them. The first I chose was going well enough until the blade shattered into several pieces on the buffer. I’m thinking the small fractures in the edge of the blade were too much for the razor to handle with the vibration and heat caused by the buffing process. So that one went into the recycling. The next one I went to use was similar, but where I thought the blade was just frowning, it turned out to be missing a small portion that went too far up into the blade to create a sharp edge on. Moral of the story: buyer beware!


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