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Skaer Bro’s “Plow Boy” – 5/8, Round Point, Wedge Grind, Original Scales

This is a Skaer Bro’s “Plow Boy” straight razor with its original scales. The blade has been restored to a [...]

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Steam Punk Scales with Sheffield Razor

This was a custom order for Steam Punk themed scales. The blade is made of high quality Sheffield steel, the [...]

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Straight Razor Lot – 7 Razors

This is a lot of straight razors for sale. None of them are shave ready, some need more work than [...]

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Swift – 4/8, Flat Point, Hollow Grind, Original Scales

This razor won’t win any beauty contests, but it’ll shave with the best of them. Not much can be found [...]

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Thomas Turner “The Favorite” – 7/8, Round Point, Full Hollow, Vintage Scales

Founded in 1822, Thomas Turner Cutlery was one of the prominent Sheffield razor companies. It had a rich history through [...]

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Wade and Butcher – 4/8, flat point, hollow ground, original scales

Wade a Butcher is a name synonymous with top brand razors. Made of Sheffield steel, this small razor is high [...]

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Wade and Butcher – 5/8, Barber’s Notch Point, Half Hollow Grind, Vintage Scales

There’s no need to elaborate on the Wade and Butcher brand. It’s one of the most well-known brands in the [...]

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Wade and Butcher – 6/8, Flat Point, Wedge Grind, Vintage Scales

This razor was made by Wade and Butcher out of Sheffield, England. There’s hardly a company as well known and [...]

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