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Otto Deutsch “Hans” – 5/8, Flat Point, Hollow Grind, Vintage Scales

Otto Deutsch is your quintessential German razor company. This razor was made is Solingen, Germany and all of its markings [...]

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Parsons and Wescott – 5/8, Round Point, Wedge Grind, Original Scales

Made by Parsons and Wescott, this was my first “Rustic Restoration” razor. It started out very rusty, but the edge [...]

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Pep “104” – 4/8, Flat Point, Hollow Grind, Original Scales

Information on this razor and company is tough to find. It was made by Pep, is part of their 104 [...]

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Puma – 5/8, Round Point, Hollow Grind, Original Scales

When it comes to top of the line razors, Puma is a name that ranks among the best. Originally founded [...]

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Radiumite – 5/8, Round Point, Hollow Grind, Original Scales

Made in Chicago by The Radiumite Company. This was a tough one to restore. Someone before me went to town [...]

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Red Imp Strop with Vintage Linen

When it comes to vintage strops, Red Imp is a well-known, quality brand. The leather on this strop has been [...]

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Rex Razor Co. – 5/8, Round Point, Hollow Grind, Original Scales

Rex Razor Co. was founded in New York circa 1918 dating this razor to the early to mid twentieth century. [...]

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Shumate “0155” – 5/8, Round Point, Full Hollow, Vintage Scales

Originally founded in Austin, Texas about 1884 by Albert Teagarden, Joseph Shumate became a partner in 1895, and the name [...]

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