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On Buying, Selling, and Shipping

On Buying, Selling, and Shipping

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Recently I’ve received several questions regarding buying, shipping, and selling products. Instead of addressing all of you lovely, unique potential customers individually I’m using this post to respond to you all at once.

On buying from the site: Yes, the site is secure. When you place your order my site uses the same encryption technologies as Amazon, eBay, etc so all of your personals are safe and sound. I also will offer refunds where I feel it’s appropriate. I’ve spoken to several newcomers to straight razor shaving who have had trouble with their razors keeping an edge, getting the bevel set, etc. I’m always happy to help and will work on nearly any razor sent to me. Part of the guarantee of my work is that you are, without a doubt, completely satisfied with what I do. If not, we work to reach something more to your liking and in the case of razors, that for whatever reason, can’t hold an edge, turn out to be chipped, cracked, etc and therefor cannot be repaired into usable condition, I offer refunds minus shipping and handling back to you. If you don’t want the razor back, I’ll even buy it from you to use in the Beginner’s Restoration Kits I offer.

On me selling to you – As is the case with antiques and other old/used items, the quality of any material can vary widely. Part of my expertise is being able to recognize razors that have the potential for full restorations and those that can’t. If I’m offering a restored razor that’s in shave-ready condition that means I think the steel is free of cracks, the edge isn’t chipped, and the scales are solid. Many times I purchase razors from eBay or similar sites and while they look good online, it’s a completely different picture in person. Most of the time those razors end up in my Beginner’s Restoration Kits because they can still be restored to near-ready condition, but shouldn’t be used to shave with. Other times I’ll ditch the blades into the kits and keep the scales to use on other razors I’m working on. It really depends. I also have customers that want something very specific – a blade of a certain width, certain material or shaped scales, etc – that I don’t have in stock. Just because I don’t have it listed doesn’t mean I’m not working on something right up your alley or that I can’t find one for you. When in doubt – ASK!

On you shipping to me and me shipping to you – I recommend that you ship to me in a way that can be tracked and that you take out insurance on your package. That way if it’s lost, damaged, etc on its way to me neither of us is liable. You should also ship your product to me securely – any razors should be protected from bouncing around, poking through the packaging, etc. A small box, some bubble wrap or newspaper, and a secure tape job is usually sufficient. When I ship it to you, it will be through USPS with a tracking number and insurance. Depending on the product, I may use a flat rate box, a folded box within a bubble envelope, or a box I have lying around that fits. I also use bubble wrap, newspaper, or air-filled cushions to protect the product. The last thing I want is for your brand new old razor to be damaged after all the work put into it.

And there you have it! If you have any questions not addressed here, please ask me! I do my best to respond with as much information as I can find as quickly as I can.

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