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Not-Shave Review: Dirty Hog Body Soap

Not-Shave Review: Dirty Hog Body Soap

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So this isn’t a review about shaving products – blasphemy I know – but my friend John Rowe II of Grass is Greener Meats and Produce ( sent me two body soaps that I had to try and review. John’s line of soaps is called Dirty Hog Soaps and I had the opportunity to try the Bay Lime Bentonite Clay and the Orange Cedarwood Oatmeal.

First I tried the Orange Cedarwood Oatmeal. It smelled strongly of orange (surprise, surprise), but also with subtle hints of the Cedar. The bar itself had small pieces in it that served to really exfoliate my skin well, which I liked, but some people might think it’s too abrasive. It lathered well and left me feeling nice and clean afterward without leaving any residue on my skin.

After I polished off that bar, I tried the Bay Lime Bentonite Clay. This bar was much different than the Orange Cedarwood. It smells strongly of its main ingredient (go figure), but it’s not overpowering so don’t worry if you’re not a fan of lime. The bar itself was smooth and produced a rich lather which left me feeling clean without leaving residue.

If you’re looking for some small-batch or locally-made soaps, definitely consider Grass is Greener. They have tons of soaps to choose from including Bergamot Mint White Clay, Blueberry Lemonade, Chocolate Coffee, Greased Pig, and Peppermint Piggies among others.

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