Rusty Razors


Rusty Razors is a small business dedicated to the purpose of keeping the life and style of the straight razor shave alive and in the modern home.

This company was started as a hobby. A man in his house, fixing a razor for a friend. Slowly it grew into a passion for the art of the shave and a bug to spread that art throughout the community. Our vision is to keep the straight razor shave alive so that everyone can enjoy a tradition hundreds, if not thousands, of years old. Partnered with local businesses, Rusty Razors will help help create a thriving local community. Once we open a brick and mortar location, our goal is create an environment that fosters communication and cooperation. To that end, we’ll offer restored vintage straight razors, honing services, instructive seminars, and barber services and will partner with local humidors, breweries, and antique shops.

Currently, we are offering antique and modern razor restorations, honing and sharpening services, hand made custom scales, and shaving brushes and wooden brush handles. Located in Downers Grove, we are ideally placed to receive orders from anywhere and work with you on getting exactly what you need. Despite out name there’s no rust to be seen on any of our razors, however, they will have patina, a few scratches, and possibly minor pitting here and there. Think of these marks as the scars they’ve acquired through their unique, storied, and very long pasts.  Our customers help keep these pasts alive.


Interested in our mission and goals? Call us and ask about potential investment opportunities. Creating a physical location is a time consuming and expensive process and we’re looking for passionate individuals or groups to help us out.